Matt Jagnow


My wife, Meghan, and I moved to Royal Oaks in March of 2018. My professional experience includes non-profit fundraising for large higher education institutions as well as environmental organizations.

Originally from Washington State, I am passionate about all things outdoors, specifically cycling.

I started the Conservancy to create an opportunity for Blount countians to have improved access to green space in our own backyard. As towns such as Maryville continue to grow, it will become increasingly necessary for individuals and neighborhoods to work together to create communities we’re proud to live in and pass on to future generations.

More than anything, I look forward to providing access to outdoor recreation in our own backyard while working to maintain and rebuild wildlife habitat.

vice president

Susan Weeks

Bio coming soon!


Kate McChesney

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Carrie Eaton


I've lived in Royal Oaks since 2002 in two different homes, and I wouldn't live anywhere else! And the main reason is our beautiful location with views of the mountains. So forming this conservancy to maintain our beautiful green spaces is very important to me. It will not only preserve our views and quiet neighborhood but also increase our property values. My hope is that all of our residents will join our efforts and work together toward this goal!

member at large

Rosemary Saczawar


Almost 20 years ago, my husband and I moved to East Tennessee, drawn by the mountains and the natural beauty of this area.  Then in 2016, I became a certified Master Gardener.  Through that organization, I made a dear friend who introduced me to the cause of saving the beautiful, threatened Monarch Butterfly.  From that point on, I became an advocate of a concept called “Reconciliation Ecology.”  Simply put, Reconciliation Ecology seeks to reconcile or reunite humankind with the rest of the creatures and life forms on planet Earth.  The goal is for all life forms to co-exist and thrive with great benefit for all.

To me, the Royal Oaks Conservancy is a chance to create for the Royal Oaks Community and the rest of Blount County an exemplary and educational green area where humans and the rest of the natural world can live in harmony and mutual well-being.